Saturday, April 21, 2012

[Episode #27]

Nick Bindeman, "Untitled" from A Free Cascadia Folk Anthology, 2007
Duo B., "Étendue" from These Things Seem Natural To Us, 2006
Czukay, Wobble, Liebezeit, "Mystery R.P.S. (No. 8)" from Full Circle, 1982
Portland Bike Ensemble, "411 II" from Portland Bike Ensemble, 2004
Sustentacula, "Steeds" from Weeping Peepers, 2012
David Thomas, "Petrified" from Vocal Performances, 1981
Dual, "Gradually Intersecting" from Pyroclastics, 2006
Hammer of Hathor, "Left Foot Right Foot" from False Teef, 2009
Sun Ra And His Solar Arkestra, "The Magic City" from The Magic City, 1966
Wastemusic, "The Thunder, Perfect Mind" from South Of Every Sun, 2012
Eyvind Kang & Craig Flory, "Theme From 10th NADE" from Wigwam Bendix, 1998
Jooklo Duo, "Fire Liberation" from The Warrior, 2010
Waldteufel, "Traumpfad" from Sanguis, 2007