Saturday, April 23, 2011

[Episode #4]

Rhys Chatham, “Guitar Trio (1977)” from Die Donnergötter, 1987
Delia Derbyshire, “Falling” from Invention for Radio No. 1: The Dreams, 1964
Roger Miller, “The Forest” from Oh., 1988
Charlotte Moorman, “26' 1.1499'' for a String Player” from Avant Garde Concert III (WBAI-FM), 1964
François Rabbath, “Reitba” from Live Around the World, 2005
YMCK, “Magical 8bit Tour” from FAMILY MUSIC, 2004
Zeena Parkins, “Slant Left” from No Way Back, 1998
Nels Cline & Devin Sarno, “The Angel & the Sock Puppet” from Edible Flowers, 1998
Ed Chang, “Halloween” from My First Saxophone, 2006
Paul Giger, “Bombay (Good Night)” from Schattenwelt, 1993
Thollem/Rivera, “Prisons Are Neither Prevention Nor the Cure” from Everything's Going Everywhere, 2005
Catherine Jauniaux, “The Dancers Under the Hill” from Fluvial, 1983