Saturday, April 9, 2011

[Episode #3]

Takehisa Kosugi, “Wave Code #e-1” from Catch Wave, 1975
Eleven Twenty-Nine, “Fuzz Citation” from Northern-Spy Records Holiday Bundle, 2010
Men's Recovery Project, “Bottomless Pit” from The Golden Triumph Of Naked Hostility, 1998
Omoide Hatoba, “White Hour” from Kinsei, 1995
Kippi Kaninus, “This Note Is -D” from Happens Secretly, 2009
Fat Worm of Error, “Flea God” from NZZNZZZZNNZNZNNNN, 2004
Ellen Fullman, “Swingen” from The Long String Instrument, 1985
Charlemagne Palestine, “Fifths In The Rhythm Three Against Two For Bösendorfer Piano - Three” from Four Manifestations on Six Elements, 1974
Yoshi Wada, “Off The Wall - Pt. 1” from Off The Wall, 1984
Parasites of the Western World, “Accessories” from Parasites of the Western World, 1978