Saturday, May 26, 2018

[Episode #176]

[listen here]

Comanche Peak, "Labyrinth" from Return to Fear Mountain, 2018
Shanna Sordahl, "Tortoise Lives Long & with Purpose" from Radiate Don't Fear The Quietus, 2018
Areon Flutes, "Bade Saba" [composer: Sahba Aminikia] from No Era, 2018
Analog Tara, "so near yet so far" from Thank You TECHNE Supporters! [compilation], 2015
Nhung Nguyen, "oblivion" from oblivion, 2018
Glenn Branca, "Sym. No. 1, Movement 1" from Symphony No. 1 (Tonal Plexus), 1983
Raising Holy Sparks, "The Rapture Of The Endless Road" from Search For The Vanished Heaven, 2017
Cyclopsycho, "Weaving Balance" from The Voice in My Voice, 2006
Elizabeth A. Baker, "An Outcast" from Quadrivium, 2018
the modern folk, "ballad (overlay one)" from improsivations and overlays for prepared guitar, 2014