Saturday, April 14, 2018

[Episode #173]

[listen here]

Heejin Jang, "A Portrait Engine" from Doom Mix Vol. II, 2018
Jordan Dykstra, "9 Found Clouds (9x1)" from Found Clouds, 2018
Occur, "Dropper" from Dropper, 2018
Cyclopsycho, "Magnus Mind", 2018
Growing, "Epochal Reminiscence" from The Soul of the Rainbow and the Harmony of Light, 2004
Motion Sickness of Time Travel, "Lambda Tauri" from Vignette for Taurus, 2018
Cecil Taylor, "Period 3" from The Tree of Life, 1998
Emily Berregaard, "B" from A Poem, 2018
Liquid Letters, "The Crystal Drone", 2013
andrew weathers // qualchan., "embroidering the earth's mantle." from andrew weathers // qualchan., 2018