Saturday, May 27, 2017

[Episode #152]

[listen here]

Dolphin Midwives, "TEMPLE I" from Orchid Milk, 2016
Conformity Contortion, "She Who Laughs Laughs, Laughs Laughs" from Perception Management, 2017
Kole Galbraith, "Alptraum" from Alptraum, 2014
Jeremy Santiago-Horseman, "Fanfare for Deterioration", 2017
Golden Retriever, "Sunsight" from Rotations, 2017
Lee Rosevere, "Illuminations" from Time-Lapse Volume 2: meditations, 2014
Hammer of Hathor, "Side A" from Corpse Pose, 2017
Mulva Myasis, "Princess Keys" from Mulva Myasis Introduces Her Friends, 2015
Hammer of Hathor, "Side B" from Corpse Pose, 2017
Bob Bucko Jr, "The Unwelcome Guest" from I Did What I Could With What I Had, 2015