Saturday, February 4, 2017

[Episode #144]

[listen here]

Cyclopsycho, "Haunted Hutch", 2016
Alphaxone, "Opposite" from Across the Grooves, 2013
Kid Feardive, "The Dreaming Crate of Antithesis" from Toyland, 2013
ReAkshen, "Foundations" from Flashback Damage, 2011
Anas Maghrebi and Michel Banabila, "Live in Beirut Jam 1" from Global Week for Syria 2015
Menstrual Synthdrone, "Desperate Siva" from Tantric Supersonic [compilation], 2015
Jocelyn Reyes, "Swamp" from Causality OST, 2017
Amanda Irarrazabal / Cecilia López / Cecilia Quinteros, "los muy honorables" from la corporación, 2016
THIS SAXOPHONE KILLS FASCISTS, "...Then They Came for the Immigrants and Refugees" from Live at Obsidian, January 26 2017
Spaceship, "not this time" from not this time, 2017
Chris Bassett, "No More" from No More, 2017
The Oceanside Dub Experience, "Bit Crushed E.T." from Future Dub, 2017