Saturday, August 20, 2016

[Episode #133]

[listen here]

YlangYlang (Catherine Debard), "Dialectics", 2016
Natalia Beylis, "A Hipflask Full Of Cognac" from Green Bird Fountain, 2016
Suzuki Junzo, "If I Die Before I Wake" from If I Die Before I Wake, 2016
Maxime De Waegenaere, "II" from Clean/r, 2016
Mind Over Mirrors & Jon Mueller, "A Tribute to Drone Warrior Tony Conrad" from 2016.05.28 (The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL)
Brother Ah, "Beyond Yourself (The Midnight Confession)" from Sound Awareness, 1972 (reissued 2016)
Helena Espvall, "Spiraleyes", 2012