Saturday, July 26, 2014

[Episode #82]

[listen here]

OOIOO, "Atatawa" from Gamel, 2014
Temple Maps, "Elven Chainmail, Orcish Blade" from Moon Mountain, 2014
Katie Harrell, "Processional and Kyrie from Mass for women's voices, organ, and percussion" from Signal Flow 2013 Fundraiser Compilation, 2013
The Kendal Mintcake, "Twelve" from The Kendal Mintcake's Insignificant Digits, 2013
Like a Villain, "A Song About Romance" from Bast, 2014
Telecaves, "Metatarsals" from Line Fracture / Trigger, 2014
Temple Maps, "Reluctance Engine" from Moon Mountain, 2014
Michael Stirling, "Raga Bhageshri - Vilambit Ektal" from Deva Loka, 2014
Cloud City Cars, "Stay Bored" from Stay Bored, 2011
Jessica Jane, "Young Kind" from Young Kind EP, 2012
Thirsty Surfer, "Career- Just Add Water" from French Concept II, 2012