Saturday, March 8, 2014

[Episode #72]

[listen here]

Dragging an Ox through Water, "Mole Song" from Panic Sentry, 2014
Le B'OO-Ray, "To Be Twice Put In Jeopardy" from V, 2014
Bill Horist / Jakob Riis, "The Hidden Terms of Cessation's Elegy" from The Cessation Elegy, 2014 (recorded 2009)
Telecaves, "ice cave" from palisades, 2013
Thollem/Roccato/Rogliano/Dillon, "Is who we are" from The View From Up, 2014
MonoLogue, "Lilith" from Arte nel Rumore Vol. V - La Femminilizzazione del mondo, 2013
Dragging an Ox through Water, "Wire Haunts" from Panic Sentry, 2014
Impulsive Machinations, "More than one why is why's" from Conformity Contortion, 2014
L.A. Lungs, "My Other Car is the Greater Vehicle" from Turntable Broken, Prayerbook Lost, 2008
Noggin, "Give Me My Sweater Back or I'll Play the Guitar" from Noggin-Sonarchy, 2001
Thollem/Robair, "Adding to the challenge: they didn't _______________________." from Trio Music Minus One (for Dennis Palmer), 2014
Dragging an Ox through Water, "Usurper" from Panic Sentry, 2014
Gamelan Son of Lion, "Gamelan P.C." from The Complete Gamelan in the New World, 2004