Saturday, October 19, 2013

[Episode #64]

Marisa Anderson, "The Golden Hour" from The Golden Hour, 2011
Fire & Flux, "Long Live The Superlative" from Easy Listening For The Tasteful Jazz Professor, 2006
Total Life, "Radiator I" from Radiator, 2013
Cyanosis, "Solely Blackly" from Movie, 2001
Total Life, "Radiator II" from Radiator, 2013
Jefrey Leighton Brown, "Song for Benoit" from Dreams, 2008
Shroud, "Echoes reverberating through the forest swamp where it gathers slime from decomposing objects for its outer layer" from Death Trance Compilation Volume 1, 2012
Why I Must Be Careful, "Side B" from Honeycomb, 2012
Catherine Lee, "Plainsong" (Tawnie Olson, composer) from social sounds, 2013