Saturday, December 15, 2012

[Episode #44]

Fifty Foot Hose, "Fantasy" from Cauldron, 1968
Anemic Psyches, "5" from Nailed To The E.S.P. Cluster, 2012
Albert Ayler, "Vibrations [live]" from The Copenhagen Tapes, 1964
Cultus Sabbati, "Never Turn Your Back To The Forest" from The Hagiography of Baba Yaga, 2012
Boredoms, "Super Are You" from Super æ, 1998
Brad Gibson, "three" from Smiles, 1998
Circle X, "Crow's Ghost" from Celestial, 1994
Bob Bannister, "Hedgehogs And Porcupines" from Eight Day Clock, 1992
The Red Krayola, "Boards" from Coconut Hotel, 1967
Sonja Berlin-Jones, "viniduruttiwiki", 2012
Sustentacula, "Counsels And Maxims" from Weeping Peepers, 2012