Saturday, September 22, 2012

[Episode #38]

Golden Retriever, "Static Rain" from Static Rain, 2010
The Same, "The Same" from Doing The Don't, 1993
Spacemen 3, "Things'll Never Be The Same" from The Perfect Prescription, 1987
Catherine Lamb, "cross/collapse" from cross/collapse, 2010
Art Bears, "In Two Minds" from Hopes And Fears, 1978
Archie Shepp, "Blasé" from Blasé, 1969
John Teske, "ethereal tide" from wheel, 2011
Thollem, "In Seagulls Ears" from War Expected, 2012
Wastemusic, "Between Words" from Miserable Man Demos, 2010
Paul Hoskin, "the constant" from contrabass clarinet ...the initial...the constant, 2010