Saturday, May 21, 2011

[Episode #6]

[upcoming hiatus: AND OTHERNESS will return June 17/18]

Thollem McDonas, “For All Those Presently Living” from Gone Beyond Reason to Find One, 2010
Sonny Sharrock, “Many Mansions” from Ask the Ages, 1991
The Red Krayola, “Magnificence As Such” from Blues, Hollers and Hellos, 2000
Daniel Higgs, “Thy Chosen Bride” from Ancestral Songs, 2006
Le Ton Mité, “We Can See Through Time” from Tickets To Real Imaginary Places, 2006
Djam Karet, “Revisiting A Quiet Place: Falling Down 1993” from The Ritual Continues, 1993
George Harrison, “Dream Scene” from Wonderwall Music, 1968
Muhal Richard Abrams, “Young At Heart” from Young At Heart/Wise In Time, 1969
Fred Frith, “Absent Friends” from Cheap At Half the Price, 1983