Saturday, June 11, 2016

[Episode #128]

[listen here]

Domovoy, "House Sit" from Domovoy, 2015
Bobby Previte with Zeena Parkins, "Zeena Parkins + Bobby Previte 1" from April in New York 2007 (released 2009)
boocanan, "no hands" from by ear, 2016
Nhung Nguyen, "My second spring" from Hibernation II, 2016
l'éternèbre, "Tiny Voices" from The Spirit Bridge, 2015
The Hands Free, "Needle and Thread" from The Hands Free, 2014
C. Reider / Tarkatak, "Midnight Well" from Azure Bell, Midnight Well, 2016
raven, "the ebb and flow (ambient dub forever and ever)" from the ebb and flow, 2015
Audrey Chen & Richard Scott, "anthozoa" from Hiss and Viscera, 2016